• My experience with Matt has been nothing short of spectacular. I get to pick songs I want to learn and over the last 6 months, I can actually play full songs! He has a phenomenal ear for finding the right keys and chords for any song. I can't stress how much progress I have made since taking lessons with him. As of now I am on a once / week schedule, but I am hoping to switch to a twice a week schedule - it's been that fun and helpful.
    Rahul S.
  • It doesn't get any better than Matt Robinson. He is extremely patient and encouraging. He knows just how far to push to keep you excited about playing. His knowledge of the guitar and music is inspiring. If you've ever toyed with the idea of learning to play the guitar, do it. Call Matt and you'll be glad you did. You will be playing your favorite songs in no time at all. Nice guy.
    Cathy S.
  • My son has been seeing Matt for guitar lessons for over a year and he loves him! It has been amazing to see how quickly he has progressed into a solid guitar player and working with Matt is the reason. He is always so excited to see my son and as they practice, Matt is patient and enthusiastic. One of the unique qualities about Matt is his obvious love of the guitar and music, and this love translates into his extremely effective method of instruction. In addition, Matt will pick music that my son likes, which really motivates him to practice in between lessons. He looks forward to seeing Matt each week and wants to make him proud. I would wholeheartedly recommend Matt as a guitar teacher any day, to anyone! Plus, on a more general note, he is just a super nice person!
    Jennifer M.
  • Matt Robinson, "The Guitar Master and Master Guitar Teacher" As a 49 year old who has been taking guitar lessons since a child and the parent of a child taking guitar lessons, I can attest to the outstanding teaching and multifaceted techniques which Matt uses with his students. His techniques keep the student engaged in the learning process and produce outstanding results. He included a good mix of music theory, reading, technical exercises and song playing. He combines this with other resources such as back ground music of tunes (he has an extensive eclectic and current music library), metronome for counting along with his own outstanding guitar playing. If you are interested in playing a particular tune Matt can literally dial up the music on his PC and create cord diagrams, tab, or formal written music for the student to play. As you work with Matt he enhances the written work to add more complexity as your level of proficiency increases. Matt is highly motivational and a great teacher to work with, best I have experienced.
    Joel B.
  • My 11 and 9 year old boys started taking electric guitar lessons from Matt about a month ago. Matt came highly recommended by many families in town. My sons are so excited to be taking lessons from Matt and so enthusiastic each week to have a lesson. Matt's passion for music is contagious! He is teaching the boys musical selections that they WANT to learn so right off the bat they are playing music and not getting bored with pure music theory. His experience, passion, patience and pleasant nature make for a winning combination in a guitar instructor!
    Maria T.
  • Matt’s style is great. He can disarm the most cynical child with his love of his craft and willingness to venture musically wherever his students take him. Our son is a tough customer and is quick to answer ‘no’ to most new ideas. Matt hurdled this challenge effortlessly. Our boy looks forward to his lessons in a way we never expected and is genuinely interested in improving his skills
    Chris A.