1. What services do you provide?

     Matt offers customized one-on-one guitar lessons in our studios to students of all ages and abilities. He teaches both acoustic and electric, traditional 6-string and bass guitars.

2. How long has Matt been teaching guitar?

     Matt has been teaching guitar in this area since 2003.

3. When can I start lessons?

     You can get started at any time of the year. Simply contact Matt to set up a lesson.

4. Do you offer an opportunity to meet Matt to make sure I like him?

     Matt wants to make sure that you feel good about the lessons. Matt always offer an introductory lesson to potential students regardless of age or previous ability. An introductory lesson provides the opportunity to meet Matt and learn more about his teaching style.

5. Do you offer gift certificates?

     Gift Certificates are a great way to show a friend or family member that you believe in their dream of playing music. Matt offers gift certificates for packages of four or eight lessons. A gift certificate can be sent to you through the mail, or a .pdf can be emailed to you the same day you contact us to learn more about purchasing the gift certificate.

6. I’m a beginner. How well will I be able to play after a few months of lessons?

     In a few months time you will make noticeable progress on your instrument. However, it is completely up to the student’s ability, how much time he/she can devote to practicing, and what his/her specific goals are. Generally speaking, a couple of months of lessons will only scratch the surface of an individual’s goal to learn a musical instrument. Music is the pursuit of a lifetime.

7. What styles of music do you teach?

     Matt teaches all different styles, such as rock, jazz, pop, country, R & B, blues, and more. If you are interested in one specific style or genre of music Matt can incorporate that into your lessons.