Joel B.

Matt Robinson, “The Guitar Master and Master Guitar Teacher” As a 49 year old who has been taking guitar lessons since a child and the parent of a child taking guitar lessons, I can attest to the outstanding teaching and multifaceted techniques which Matt uses with his students. His techniques keep the student engaged in the learning process and produce outstanding results. He included a good mix of music theory, reading, technical exercises and song playing. He combines this with other resources such as back ground music of tunes (he has an extensive eclectic and current music library), metronome for counting along with his own outstanding guitar playing. If you are interested in playing a particular tune Matt can literally dial up the music on his PC and create cord diagrams, tab, or formal written music for the student to play. As you work with Matt he enhances the written work to add more complexity as your level of proficiency increases. Matt is highly motivational and a great teacher to work with, best I have experienced.